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“Bringing the art of business to the creative arts”


The Only Production Software You’ll Ever Need

Improve your production workflow, reduce costs, save time, and limit errors. Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software is easy to use. The all-in-one video production software combines creative, accounting and business processes so you can work faster and smarter. Production Value software  has specialized features  to help you map out your video or film projects, including script breakdowns, budgeting, scheduling, calendars, reports, inventory control, stripboards and so much more. 


Move from script to strip board to budget to call sheets on one platform.

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Team Management

Assign tasks, share documents, chat with team members, and collaborate across departments.

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Create better, safer workplaces with break reminders, safety protocols and more.

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Content Management

Store and manage all files and documents in one place with controlled permissions.

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Intuitive. Automated. Accurate.

Production Value software was created by filmmakers for filmmakers to improve efficiencies across the production cycle. No more using multiple platforms to get the job done, or waiting on emails with updated information. Simply log in to your project and go.

Script Breakdown

Using a formatted script, Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software will run the Script Breakdown program and generate a fully marked-up script ready for budget and scheduling.

The search feature will allow you to quickly update the script with element tags for areas that require customization.

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Connects budgeting software with scripts, stripboards, call sheets and more. Color-coded by production phase and department for easy identification and updates. Compare your planning budget side-by-side with your actual budget for increased efficiency.

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Information pulls directly from the Script Breakdown, creating a seamless and automated
stripboard generation process. From the Stripboard, automatically create your budget, call sheets, and calendar for the project.

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Mobile App

Fully integrated mobile app that works with the software to communicate seamlessly across teams. Share content, view updates instantly, and manage access.

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