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Stephanie Harrison

CEO of Gemini Crown

Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie Harrison stands at the intersection of two dynamic worlds – the realm of independent film production and the intricate landscape of IT management. With over a decade of immersive experience in independent film, Stephanie has worn multiple hats, seamlessly transitioning between the roles of producer, director, writer, and talent across short films, documentaries, and commercials. Her creative prowess and in-depth understanding of film production intricacies have been instrumental in shaping the efficient and streamlined design of Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the film industry, Stephanie Harrison is a certified Texas Contract Developer (CTCD) and a Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) with an extensive 20-year journey in Management, Procurement, Contract Management, and Project Management. Stephanie’s illustrious career includes serving as the Statewide Procurement Manager for the State of Texas, where she led a team responsible for overseeing the state’s IT procurements amounting to over $2.9 Billion in annual sales. As the lead negotiator for the state’s IT contracts, Stephanie’s strategic approach resulted in substantial cost savings running into millions of dollars.

Stephanie has left an indelible mark on multiple major government IT projects, where her commitment to prioritizing the end-user’s experience became a cornerstone in the final design and development phases. Not content with just functional solutions, Stephanie has always aimed for user-friendly experiences, ensuring that the technology implemented enhances the user’s journey.

This same philosophy permeates Stephanie’s involvement in the development and design of Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software. In this endeavor, the end-user experience is not just a consideration; it is the guiding force influencing every aspect of the software program’s design and flow. Stephanie’s unique ability to bridge the worlds of IT management and film production has resulted in a software solution that not only meets the industry’s functional demands but also resonates with the creative minds behind the scenes.

Stephanie’s journey is a testament to her versatility, seamlessly navigating the complexities of government IT projects and the creative landscape of independent film. As a visionary leader, negotiator, and creative force, Stephanie Harrison continues to shape the trajectory of Gemini Crown Tech, where innovation and user-centric design converge for a truly transformative experience.

Stephanie Moore

Chief Research and Development Officer

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore, the visionary lead designer behind Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software, has laid the very foundation for the exceptional programs and products offered by the company. Her diverse background, spanning over a decade, is a testament to her multifaceted expertise in script development, budgeting, script coverage, festival consulting, filmmaker development, and the seamless execution of live events and film productions.

A film and theater producer at heart, Stephanie is not just an industry professional; she is the driving force that founded and served as the Managing Director of The Filigree Theatre. Under her leadership, The Filigree Theatre produced the critically-acclaimed Los Angeles Premiere of “Any Night” by Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn, alongside 11 other plays in collaboration with various theater companies, including Past is Prologue Productions and The Archive Theater.

Stephanie’s prowess extends to the world of feature film production, with notable credits such as “Love Labour’s Lost”, “Child of Light”, and the upcoming Gemini Crown Productions Horror Slate. Her portfolio includes producing and first assistant directing numerous short films, music videos, and web series, such as “Hardish Bodies” and “Bye Bye Baby”. Stephanie’s journey began with pivotal roles as a ‘filmmaker liaison’ at the Austin Film Festival and a ‘Theatre Manager’ for SXSW, sparking her enduring passion for producing and collaborating with filmmakers.

Recently adding an MBA from St. Edward’s University to her list of achievements, Stephanie is not only a creative force but a strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics. Her academic journey started at Texas State University, where she graduated with a degree in English and dual minors in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and History. Stephanie’s outstanding contributions to the university earned her the Texas State Leadership Institute’s Medal of Hope, the highest non-academic honor.

Stephanie Moore embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence in the entertainment industry. Her commitment to seeing development done right, regardless of the production channel, has left an indelible mark on Gemini Crown Tech’s offerings. As the lead designer, producer, and advocate for filmmakers, Stephanie’s impact resonates throughout the industry, ensuring a bright future where creativity and technology converge seamlessly.

Wayland Harrison
Chief Operations Officer.

Wayland Harrison

Wayland Harrison is a seasoned professional with a profound passion for crafting organizational cultures that inspire and empower individuals. With over two decades of experience, he stands as a versatile business optimization catalyst, blending creative and analytical problem-solving to deliver impressive results. Wayland has a proven track record, having contributed to cumulative cost savings and revenue generation exceeding $100M across various industries and global organizations.

His prowess extends across operations, quality, and customer success, making him a standout figure in the field. As a Sr. Customer Quality Manager for one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 semiconductor equipment manufacturers, Wayland oversees $75M in worldwide product shipments. His role involves harmonizing processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving next-level growth and profitability.

Wayland’s influence doesn’t stop there; he also serves as an operations consultant for both for-profit and non-profit small business organizations. His expertise has been instrumental in managing organizational expansions in critical areas such as customer support, quality engineering, product management, manufacturing operations, and technical training.

A dedicated communicator with an eye for detail, Wayland Harrison excels in building collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders. His commitment to nurturing professional and personal growth is evident in his role as a cultural architect. As a Sr. Customer Quality Manager and operations consultant, he remains focused on cultivating an organizational culture within Gemini Crown Tech that not only fosters career enrichment but also drives continuous value.

Wayland’s strategic approach aligns with the vision of Gemini Crown Tech as a leader in film industry software. His commitment to building a workforce with a passion for growth reflects his dedication to driving success in the dynamic landscape of the film industry. As Gemini Crown Tech continues to innovate, Wayland Harrison’s expertise serves as a driving force for organizational excellence and lasting impact.

The partnership of Stephanie Harrison and Stephanie Moore forms a dynamic fusion of project management and film production expertise at Gemini Crown Tech. Their combined experience not only adds depth to the company’s skill set but also brings a wealth of opportunities to create a robust brand.

Stephanie Harrison’s extensive background in project management, contract development, and negotiation, coupled with her significant role in major government IT projects, provides a solid foundation for streamlined operations and strategic decision-making. Her expertise in management and procurement, particularly in the IT sector, contributes a valuable perspective to the overall business strategy.

On the other hand, Stephanie Moore’s decade-long experience in independent film production, coupled with her role as the lead designer for Gemini Crown Tech’s Production Value software, adds a creative flair to the partnership. Her passion for the entertainment industry, coupled with her proficiency in script development, budgeting, and festival consulting, complements the strategic vision of the company.

Together, the Stephanies bring not only a diverse skill set but also a vast network of industry professionals and experts. This network becomes a powerful asset, enriching Gemini Crown Tech with a deep well of opportunities. The combination of project management precision and creative insight creates a unique synergy that is well-poised to elevate the brand’s presence in the film industry.

As Gemini Crown Tech moves forward, the partnership of Stephanie Harrison and Stephanie Moore becomes a cornerstone for innovation, efficiency, and creativity. Their collaborative approach, backed by a network of industry experts, positions the company to seize opportunities and establish itself as a strong and influential player in the film production and software landscape.

Software Development Team

Daniel Griggs

Founder & CEO
ATX Web Designs

Dhananjay Jha

Director of Web Development
ATX Web Designs

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