Our Testimonials

Production Value is easy to use and intuitive

Carlos Indie Filmmaker

There is storage for all the documents and reports in the software itself, as well as tasks and calendars for post work calendars, and a basic checklist of expected items for deliverables!

Robert S. - Director, Editor

The app and software work seamlessly with one another, the push notifications are helpful to get vital information sent out.

Tom C. Director, Producer

The department elements and phases are color coded throughout the breakdowns and budget, it makes looking through the information quicker and easier, especially as someone new to filmmaking and from a teacher POV

Melissa R. Teacher

The user experience is solid, it's great to not have to subscribe to email, file storage, and other numerous other platforms in order to do what I need to organize and execute a project

Gabe -Independent Director, Writer, PA

The budgets, breakdowns, templates, storage, and user experience create an organized product that is easy to follow and find needed information quickly and easily saving vital time and money.

John- Line Producer/ Producer/ UPM

This works for crew below the line as well, it puts my information in an easy to understand format, and organizes it from project to project

J.A. - Production Assistant and Filmmaker

The templates are thorough and allow me to find the proper reports, quickly and efficiently in order to keep each department organized and moving in the right direction!

Kevin- Writer/Director

The call sheets and stripboards are a highlight for the director’s department, saving valuable time and eliminating confusion. The ability to login wherever I am to change, update, and send much needed information quickly and in real time is truly special. I really appreciate the ability to assign tasks to members of the team in the calendar and send updates.


The Call sheets and templates for each department are a special edition to this product, this is not only helpful for the production team, but for all departments and their administrative needs. The fact my team is able to be assigned to multiple projects with a click is incredible, I can move my team between projects easily and save time with repetitive tasks being streamlined. This is something I can behind and support-

SF- Art Director

I loved that this product does have pieces that lead the team through the entire process of filmmaking, and that the team behind it is willing to add needed reports and templates when things are requested that streamline the post production process as well

Jason- Post Production Supervisor/ Editor/ UPM